14 July 2016

Car brands

The true and hidden meaning behind well-known car brands

In this article I discuss the logos of famous car brands. On their own websites is extensively described how the designers came up to these logos. There are also numerous – mostly international and reputable – designer websites on which car brand logos are being explained. ‘Car brand logos are iconic, they carry out the spirit of the company, they inspire or show confidence. Or they symbolize the history of the automobile designer himself. Sounds all credible and I recommend you to Google all those descriptions. However, I present to you the true stories behind the logos below.

A good (automobile manufacturer) logo is designed with care. The fact that almost all brands are imbued with symbolism, means that the sender and/or designer of the logo is well aware of occult (hidden) knowledge. In the past, very select groups of people – think of the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, priests, theosophists, Illuminati, brotherhood and other societies – were always to believe that certain knowledge was not meant for the common people. This science is called ‘esoterism’. In secret, often through rituals, valuable knowledge was transmitted and only insiders had access to higher levels of knowledge. These insiders are still today in all walks of life and also the knowledge is still alive. You just need to know where to find it. For example in the logos of car brands.

Hidden in plain sight

You see you do not have to look far, deep knowledge is ‘hidden in plain sight’. In a symbolic way, the creators of these logos simply rub it under your nose. In architecture, music, movies, media, clothing and especially in (car brand) logo design they often use hidden symbolism. Why?
1) To associate the value or spiritual power of the symbol to the brand;
2) To transfer knowledge or to send out a signal to other insiders;
3) Arrogance: watch us, we know more than you do. You look, but you don’t see anything.

That using symbolism in logo design is effective, is reflected in the popularity and sales of the respective brands. A logo is an image. Can you still remember my first article about the ‘logos’? An image has everything to do with ‘imagination’ and ‘magic’. You will see that one symbol can often contain multiple layers of information, and that symbolism can be used both positively and negatively. It does not seem to decide which party one chooses, success is assured.

BMW and the Freemasonic Tracing board

ronald-bos-bmwThe flag of the German state of Bavaria (the blue/white checkerboard) forms the basis of the BMW logo. That people are proud of their place of birth is understandable, but why would one use the symbolism of a chessboard in logo design? The checkerboard symbol, as we find many times in Freemasonry, has been chosen by the similarities between chess and life. You have the free will to make choices within certain boundaries, and inner aspects (mental conflicts) and external struggle (everyday stress, physical well-being and survival) play an important role. The light areas on the chessboard (or in the BMW logo) represent good decisions, the dark areas less happy decisions. The whole checkerboard represents the union of the opposites. Or the male and female side of your consciousness. Otherwise expressed as the union of the pillars of Jachin/Boaz, Shiva/Shakti, Sun/Moon, etc. When you see a ‘racing or finish flag’ that means you managed to unite your rational with your emotional thinking. You’re finished: you’ve reached enlightenment. In addition to this information, there has been zoomed in on the checkerboard that, as BMW proclaims, an airplane propeller is visible. Yet I see clearly that the universal cross is formed by the two equinoxes (spring and autumn) and the two solstices (summer and winter). The numerical value of the letters B, M and W is 7 by the way.

The cross of Chevrolet

ronald-bos-chevroletThe Chevrolet logo is a golden&silver (Sun&Moon) cross and… represents the cross. Again referring to the four key points which the sun passes every year: the beginnings of spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is where the four directions (east, south, west, north) and the four blood types (A, B, AB, O) have been derived from. A cross has four corners, which form a cube which I wrote about in my previous article. The cross = a cube = matter. There are a lot of material people in this world.

Wings on the Third Eye

ronald-bos-vleugels1The logos of e.g. Mini Cooper, Bentley, Aston Martin and Chrysler are quite similar and hide interesting science. We see a center (circle) with the name of the brand, flanked by a left and right wing. This concept does not just fall from the sky. In all (ancient) cultures the symbol of the ‘Winged Solar Disk’ is known and simular stories are told through myths, fairy tales and religion of a God who can fly through the sky: the Sun (Above). At the physical plane (Below) this represents the pineal gland (that connects the cerebellum with the (optic) thalamus, a hub/relay hidden under your brains (cerebrum). The cerebral wings (‘The Most High’) connected to the sphenoid protect the temple in your head, in which are the pineal and pituatary glands among other things. These glands play a crucial role in intuitive awakening. The thalamus is what the round circle displays in the logos above: ‘intuition’, also called the ‘Third Eye’, ‘Single Eye’ or ‘All Seeying Eye’. The third eye is often associated with religious visions, clairvoyance and the ability to observe chakras, auras and out-of-body experiences.

ronald-bos-vleugels2Only when both hemispheres are balanced by listening to your feelings and acting rationally. Or, as Buddhists put it; ‘Take the Middle Way.’ Today, there are groups of people who deceive you in many ways by letting you believe this All Seeing Eye represents Evil. The only reason they do this is to prevent you from using your intuition. In Matthew 6:22 we read: ‘The light of the body is the eye, if Therefore thine eye be single (= the third eye, intuition), thy whole body shall be full of light.’ The phrase ‘In the land of the blind one-eyed man is king’ now gets a deeper meaning. The overall picture of the winged circle also symbolizes the ‘Free Will’, the spirit who follows his heart and has managed to free itself from earthly material things.

Many Stars of David

ronald-bos-solomonThere are various brands that refer to the ‘Star of David’/’Seal of Solomon’; the symbol of (holy) geometric creativity. Mitsubitshi (a trinity of diamonds!) has three red squares. This is done to accentuate the masculinity of the brand, as the female counterpart is lacking completely. Mercedes (again a trinity) may well be a girl’s name, the famous three-star shows an upward triangle; the male, positive, active side of energy. Citroën goes one step further; two chevrons (triangular figures). Military ranks are also referred to this kind of ‘male’ figures. Fortunately Renault does better: the Star of David is pulled apart, but still the two complementary triangles are clearly recognizable.

Lexus and God

ronald-bos-lexusSince 1989 ‘Lexus’ has been the name of the luxury division of the Toyota group. The name comes from the ancient Greek ‘λέξις’ (Lexis), which means ‘word’. And the ‘word’ is in Latin ‘logo’. The Lexus logo is formed by a single capital letter L in a circle. El or Al (from the Semitic language) is the oldest name for God, see the evolution of the bull hieroglyf to Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. ‘Aleph’ means ‘Only’, ‘First’, ‘Unity’ or ‘God’. The capital letter ‘L’ refers to the twelfth letter of the Hebrew/Phoenician alphabet, called Lamedh. Our ‘L’ represents the figurative lifted male phallus, therefore we see in many languages ​​’el/al’ or ‘le/la’ as an article. Hebrew words as El, Elohim, Eloah (see the link with the ‘Aloha’ salute) and the Arabic Al Illah (which descended from Allah) all stem from El/Al and refer to a divine creative power. El/Al is also reflected in words like: H-el-ios (the Sun), El-ectricity, int-el-ligence, bib-le, Bab-el Isra-el, temp-el, chapp-el, citad-el, cathedr-al, evang-el, el-ite, el-ectorate, le-vitation, el-an, el-egant, el-ement, el-ixer and roya-al (Roi/King God). And what about ‘vowel’: vow (= honor) El (= God). The car brand Le-xus agrees with this and compares with its name and logo with the highest possible.

Suzuki and Saturn

ronald-bos-suzukiSuzuki has chosen to use the first letter of their name as a trademark. However, the letter ‘S’ is distorted in such a way that it fits almost perfectly into a hexagon. Given the red/blue color scheme you immediately think of the symbol for unity, the source of energy. However, the hexagon is also the contour of the cube, for the solid fixed element ‘Earth’, and is thereby connected to Saturn. So, the ‘S’ of Saturn than? Perhaps Suzuki feels related to the characteristics of this great gas giant.

The lion of Peugeot

ronald-bos-peugeotEveryone recognizes the lion as the logo of Peugeot. The lion is depicted endlessly in logo design, on flags and in art. The lion refers to the constellation Leo. This is the throne where the Lion King (the Sun) dominates in all its glory: July 21st until August 21st. The lion appears with his manes in all respects to the sun: golden, flaming fiery, energetic and powerful. The name ‘August’ even starts with the letters ‘Au’, pointing to the chemical element ‘Gold’. ‘Peugeot-Leo’, that rhymes. And if you take a closer look at the word ‘Le-o’, you will see the round circle (o) of ‘El’, just like Lexus uses. Besides that, the lion of Peugeot is facing left, highlighting the masculinity of the brand. Leo stands for leadership, for royal and that’s exactly what brands such as Peugeot want to express.

The griffin of Saab

ronald-bos-saabSaab from Sweden has also incorporated an animal in its logo. It is a mythological animal, the ‘Griffin’. Mythological animals are nothing but combinations of star constellations. You have probably heard of the ‘Centaur’ (Aquarius/Sagittarius), ‘Minotaur’ (Gemini/Taurus), ‘Chimera’ (Leo, Capricorn and Scorpio) and ‘Sphinx’ (Leo, Virgo). The ‘Griffin’ has the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle (= the resurrected/climbed up Scorpio). Saab chose precisely this combination, because the fixed sign Leo represents the element of Fire and the fixed sign Eagle/Scorpio which represents the element of water. This explains the red (Fire) and blue (water) in the Saab logo. Red/blue, male/female, give/take; it is always the interaction between the opposites that produces creative energy. Unfortunately, Saab lacks energy  and car production has stopped since 2014.

Alfa Romeo and the serpent(s)

ronald-bos-alfaromeoThe Italian Alfa Romeo has – comparing to other car brands – a more complex logo with interesting messages. Left again the cross that you already know if you read my previous articles. On the right an interesting image: a man swallowed by a snake or dragon, surmounted by a crown. This seems at first glance a rather frightening picture, but the message is clear: the snake represents the lower, animal instinct. The ‘lower mind’ belonging to the three chakras below the heart chakra. In the stars, we recognize this as the constellation Serpens with Ophiuchus (the Serpent Bearer) in the impressive constellation Scorpio. In many stories we see tantalizing snakes. Remember the role of the snake in Adam & Eve or in Moses, in The Jungle Book and in Harry Potter. When indulging in riotous living (excessively satisfaction of hunger, thirst and sexual desire) the serpent will overcome and destroy you. The word ‘crown’ comes again from ‘Chronos’, Saturn. Your time on Earth has come…

However if you, by working on the seven chakras, manage to restrain the snake (as in the parable of Hercules, George and the Dragon, Smaug from The Lord of the Rings (= Saturn)), you change the 7 Sins into 7 Virtues. This time the Kundalini serpent with positively and negatively charged energy swirls upward along your spine (as in Hermes’ ‘Caduceus’, not to be confused with the symbol used by medical professionals). The treasure guarded by the seven-headed dragon will be your’s: spiritual freedom which is at the top of your head in the crest or crown chakra: intuition. In anatomical language: the activation of your pineal gland. Scorpio stands for ‘death state’, this means nothing but the death of the ‘Old Ego’ and the resurrection of the ‘New You’. For this reason, the sign of Scorpio is also associated with the Phoenix or Eagle, two other symbols ubiquitous in logo design.

Subaru and The Pleiades

ronald-bos-subaruThe word ‘Subaru’ means ‘united’ in the Japanese language. The Japanese car brand Subaru drew inspiration from the constellation of the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters. The seven daughters of the Greek god Atlas; the six visible, the seventh hidden (most astronomers usually see six, but there is a seventh). In the Kojiki and Manyosyu documents (8th century), this Pleiades constellation was known as ‘Mutsuraboshi’, meaning ‘six stars’. In India they are connected to their foster child, the war god Karttikeya (this is obviously the planet Mars). The Pleiades can be found in the constellation of Taurus. But they are also associated with Mars who rules Aries. When we compare this with the position of the human body in the circle, it is quite possible that this star cluster with its beautiful halo represents our third eye (= intuition) between the cerebrum (Aries) and cerebellum (Bull)!

Passover of Nissan

ronald-bos-nissanSubsequently, the logo of Nissan. Couldn’t the designers come up with something better than a circle with a bar over it? No, they could not make it clearer for ‘those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.’ In 1986, the Japanese car brand Datsun continued as Nissan, though, the cars are still sold as Datsun in some countries. Look closely to the name ‘Datsun’: That-Sun. We see clearly a big red ball in both logos, which is the rising sun ofcourse. However, according to the Jewish calendar/Torah, ‘Nissan’ is the first month of the religious new year and the seventh month according to the ‘Mishnah’, the oral teachings. Nissan falls around March/April, and let that ‘accidentally’ be the moment when the Light (of day hours) becomes dominant against Darkness (nighttime). On the equinox of March 21 the Sun crosses in its orbit round the horizontal line of the equator. The mighty Sun is waiting for his beautiful bride (the first full moon), and that marks the Jewish Pesach/Passover celebration (our Easter). The Sun ‘passes over’ the equator and it is spring again. The circle of the Red Sun (because Mars reigns in Aries, the Ram), rises in the bar that represents the equator: there’s the logo of Nissan.

Dodge: from Star of David to Ram, to… El?

ronald-bos-dodgeUntil 2012 Dodge has been less subtle than Nissan, but the concept to which they were referring to was again the Ram, the ruler of the zodia, the spring in which the Sun won the duel with winter again. The car brand which started with a Star of David as a logo in 1914, now uses two slashes to represent the ‘forever young attitude’. This text is striking for the annual spring. The red Mars-color remained also, but the symbolism of the two lines… hidden knowledge in plain sight: it’s the number 11. Eleven, or: El at even. The divine El in balance, expressed in duality. Hence: energy, power!

Infinity of Volkswagen

ronald-bos-volkswagenThe letters V and W are the 22nd and 23rd letters of our alphabet. 22 + 23 = 45. 4 + 5 = 9. The Volkswagen logo is also an ‘Enneagram’ (the Greek word ‘ennea’ means ‘nine’), which you probably know as a personality model that deals with conscious or unconscious behavior. In Sufism (the core of Islam) the Enneagram was used for practicing divine numerology. Yet in the Volkswagen logo some crucial corners are missing to complete the original symbol. In the Volkswagen lack the angular points 3, 6 and 9, which together form a perfect triangle and represent the (divine) trinity. Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla even spoke the words: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” The remaining digits can be read as a continuous endless loop (lemniscate): Follow the numbers 1-2-4-8-7-5 (= 27, 2 + 7 = 9 added together). Infinity is among others reflected in the ‘series of doubling’: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 25.6 512, 1024, etc. When we separate the figures together of all numbers in double digits. summing (16 = 1 + 6 = 7), then the pattern will always be 1-2-4-8-7-5-1-2-4-8-7-5-1-2-4-8-7- 5 … until infinity. If this interests you, please dive into ‘vortex mathematics’. In summary: Volkswagen compares itself like a symbol that will never end. Or: the Volkswagen logo plus the holy trinity make the (divine) circle complete.

The message is so(lar) clear

(Car) brands love to use symbolism in their logo designs, which – in nine out of ten – refer to the divine in the sky ‘Above’ or to the divine in our body ‘Below’. The ‘Sun/Son of God’ is adored and worshiped as the giver of Life, Light and Love since time immemorial. Thrice ‘L’ (El). Without the Sun, people, animals and vegetation had no life on Earth, no body, spirit and soul. The same applies to (car) brands. If you’re going to compare, do it with the best possible thing you can think of. Everyone wants to be a hero and winner. Invincible, a protector, a savior of the world. For this reason, the Sun is hidden in so many logos. But you need to recognize it. In language, image, characteristics, position during the year or day, the association with the human body or in relations to the Moon or other ‘wandering stars.’ Even these will return regularly in logos, which were for you just logos. When you look at logos again, you will understand what they really mean. It is not just the story behind a brand, but more importantly; the story about you.

Thanks for reading!