13 June 2016

The basics (2)

Everything goes back to the circle.

In my first articles I discussed extensively the literal meaning and origin of the logo; the wave, the wave of creation, the wave of thought (= the Egyptian god Thoth). On Earth, the sun is responsible for the wave motion and the sun is responsible for different angles of light every day. Angles are arc angles. Or should I say ‘arch angels’, the highest manifestations of light?

Since time immemorial, a total of seven heavenly bodies are responsible for all angles of light. These 7 “wandering stars” are known as the only ones we can see pass by in the sky with our naked eyes. They influence all matter on earth their with their electromagnetic fields. From the slowest orbit through the zodiac to the fastest, we can distinguish from top to bottom:


There is a reason that these seven above (or 7Up!) are with seven and not with six or eight. I will write a separate article about this special number. By their movements in the firmament these seven celestial bodies create good angles/angels (positive) and bad angles/angels (unfavorable). Each astrologer knows that angles of 0, 30, 60 and 120 degrees are positive and harmonic angles, and angles of 90, 150 and 180 (opposite) degrees are negative and disruptive. Now you are aware as well, and it’s not strange that we find these angles in logo designs. They are everywhere, we recognize them in the foundation of our life, in the five Platonic solids.

The Platonic Solids

There is evidence that these shapes were known much longer, but in 350 BC the Greek philosopher Plato wrote about five regular solids in his book Timaeus. Five geometric shapes in which the whole material creation is built. These so-called ‘Platonic solids’ are not only symmetrical, also the outermost points of each form always fits in a surrounding circle or sphere and the shapes can be nested as well. Together they form the geometric pattern of ‘Metatron’s Cube’, from which the famous ‘Flower of Life’ (7 circles!) is built.

Our universe is a uni-verse, one large piece of poetry. That is the secret of sacred geometry. Everything is connected with each other through vibration, and this connecting element the Greeks called ‘Aether’ or ‘Ether’, the spiritual mind. Hindus call it ‘prana’, Chinese ‘chi’. Other names are ‘qi’, ‘free energy’, ‘zero point energy’ or the ‘vril field’. Atoms always adopt the structure of a vibration of the other four classical elements. In the diagram below you can see which properties can be further allocated to them. If you learn this by heart, you’ll recognize that many logos refer directly or indirectly to this elemental knowledge.


The Cube

I want to pay some extra attention to the cube. Every day we unconsciously see it in the form of a dice (each two opposite sides are always seven), a sugar cube or a game console. The cube or hexahedron stands for the Platonic body of Earth, the most solid element. We as humans on Earth are sticked to solidity, attached to matter. Therefore, the cube is linked to Saturn. Also known as the Roman god Saturn and the Greek god Chronos. Chronos = Time (old man Father Time, the Grim Reaper), because our body lives only here for a certain period on Earth. Earth the heaviest element, hence the link with lead from Alchemy and the color of lead is… black. Below you see the logos of Nintendo’s Game Cube, IT company Black Box and BBC with a black hexagon wherein a cube/box is used. Watch brand Omega refers also to Saturn, but does so by means of the name.


At the end of this article you will find again the circle that I discussed in my previous article, but now I have added much more details. Even though life appears black and white on the outside, the point is that you can see that the upper and lower halves complement each other. It is not either-or, but both-and. The top is dominated by the sun (warm, spring/summer, morning/afternoon, etc.), at the bottom Saturn plays the boss (cold fall/winter, evening/night, etc.). The (good) sun (or son, because de u and o are interchangeable!) has its headquarters in the summer constellation Leo, and exactly opposite, 180 degrees further, we find (evil) Saturn (read: Saturn/Satan) in Aquarius. The dead of winter, two hours at night. The creative, sunny power of the cycle starts with the ‘Alpha’, the negative side starts with the ‘Omega’ (do you see the sun set?). The watch brand Omega literally ties you up with time through its watches. Or should I say; you are handcuffed?

The value of a logo: numerology

There’s more to tell about the BBC logo. Above you see besides to the common black version the corporate color dark red. The reason why BBC opted for this, is that (red colored) Mars is seen astrological ‘rising’ in the sign of Capricorn, the sign where Saturn is the ruler. Mars is a solid companion of Saturn. Therefore, the color combination black/red is so often associated with dark and evil forces. Now you understand that red is the color of Mars, its linked to the alchemical metal iron and so with blood (cells)! Another subject I would like to discuss here is the use of numerology of the letters B, B and C. Numerology (gematria) is a computational method to determine the value (number) of a word (logos). Words are expressions of the mind, so by using gematria one can identify the underlying essence of a logo name. There are several Greek, Latin and English gematria methods. Because BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation, it is inevitable that we have to apply English gematria to see what this logo conceals. A surprising outcome?

Whether you believe (it) or not, the above color black in combination with the cube are also common in several religions. Judaism recognizes the ‘Tefilim’, these are phylacteries with black boxes. One carries a black box wrapped with the aid of a leather strap on the forehead, the other belt is wrapped around the arm seven (7) times. In addition, most have heard of Jewish “Kabbalah”, ancient wisdom that explains how the universe and life fit together. “Kabbalah” sounds phonetically similar to the Islamic ‘Kaaba Allah. In the Grand Mosque in Mecca is the “Kaaba,” the house of Allah. As part of the hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, pilgrims walk seven times (7) in circles around this large black cube. And what do you get when you unfold a paper cube: the cross we find in Christianity. From left to right we count three patches, from top to bottom 4 (together 7). But again, I discuss the number 7 later.


‘Six’ is ‘Sex’

The wave always goes back to its balancing point (Libra, the scales). Think of a guitar string: touch it and it gives a sound. That trembles on for a while, but the sound will always fade away until you hear nothing more. This interaction in the wave, with its upright male half and female half-down, is also reflected in the cube. The surrounding shape of the cube is a hexagram, the hexagon. ‘Six’ is sex: compatibility. The cube is a ‘Star of David’ in disguise, the symbol of (holy) geometric creativity. The two merged triangles represent the perfect balance between masculine and feminine energy. It will produce platonic solids, and so forth all matter we know. Creation is created by the equivalent of male and female energy. Hence the original name of the Star of David, the ‘Seal of Solomon’. The sign of the Sol (sun) and Mon (moon), of the Man and the Woman. We know the Seal of Solomon as the symbol of Judaism and Israel. But As Below, So Above: the name of Israel stands for uniting the divine Egyptian trinity of:

Is = Isis, by the Moon cult honored as the Queen of the Night (Spirit)
ra = Ra, by the Sun cult honored as King of the Day (Sun = Sol = Soul)
el = Osiris, by the Stars cult worshiped as Saturn (Lord of the Rings), the farthest of the seven wandering stars (body/matter). You can also view this in a cosmological way: ISis creates RAdiating ELectricity. The primordial waters creates electricity that materializes in our dualistic world through the two male elements Fire and Air and female elements Water and Earth.


A circle is round

When you look critically at all the myths, legends and religions, you will see that the female characters are always negatively depicted. Women are denigrated or even humiliated: Hesiod held Pandora responsible for all the evil in the world, Hera was forced to marry Zeus and had to serve him. In the Bible, Eve and the serpent were blamed for the fall of mankind. It went almost wrong with Snow White as well. We see this negative side also reflected in our language: the (feminine) moon is hidden in words like monster (moon star), and demon (the moon). Eve is ‘ev-il’ and therefore the ‘d-evil’. And sinister is sin-i-Star (Sin was the moon goddess in ancient Babylonia). And what about lunatic (Luna-tic) and manic (Maan = moon in Dutch). Unfortunately, the whole picture has become greatly disturbed (deliberately!) by the patriarchy of the past centuries, and many people no longer see equality between women and men. In fact; they lost it completely in theirselves.

Fortunately, everybody has a masculine and feminine side in them. Anatomically, we see that for example in our brains; we have a rational left hemisphere of the brain and an intuitive right side. We have the cerebrum and cerebellum. Yoga practitioners know that powerful Kundalini energy can rise through exercise and meditation. This happens through the central channel of the spine (Sushumna) with male (Pingala) and female (Ida) nerve canals swinging around. Kundalini then comes into our heads (at the male (Pineal) and female (Pituitary) glands) which provides insight and enlightenment. It is therefore important to get balanced by (continuing) to see both halves of the circle.


Designing logos is astrotheology

I sincerely hope that you meditate on the circle image above, because this is the basis of the articles in which I discuss known and unknown logo designs. As I wrote in my previous articles, at first glance these subjects have nothing in common with logo design. The opposite is true; by applying knowledge of astrology, alchemy, physiology, anatomy, etymology, science, myths, legends and so on, designing and application of logos is pure expression of astrotheology. The circle tells the story of everything. The story of McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Mini Cooper. Twix, Mars, Milky Way and Lion. Nike, NASA, Chanel, Rolex, Apple, Starbucks and Red Bull. But also the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Of Jesus and his twelve apostles and of Jason and the Golden Fleece. Even of Snow White, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood? Yes, Little Red Riding Hood is the story of the sun traveling through the green forest (with a basket full of delicious harvest of the spring and summer months). Then the wolf gets hold of her and she is swallowed up by the darkness. The wolf is in fact the constellation Lupus (what is in Libra, and let it be there dark promptly). Eventually, Little Red Riding Hood is rescued by the good hunter with his big dog (the constellation Orion and Canis Major in the constellation Taurus) and Little Red Riding Hood sees the light again (it has become Spring season).

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.
– Preacher, son of David and king in Jerusalem –

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

PS My Images contain Dutch terminology. Althought I guess the text explains everything, herewith some translations:
Jaar = Year
Vuur, Lucht, Water, Aarde = Fire, Air, Water, Earth
Mannelijk, Vrouwelijk = Male, Female
Kardinaal, Vast, Veranderlijk = Cardinal, Fixed, Mutual
Lood, Tin, Ijzer, Goud, Koper, Kwikzilver, Zilver = Lead, Thin, Gold, Copper, Quiksilver, Silver