Beehive is offering a plug and play cryptomining facility in a box solution, powered by an unique immersed computing® technology developed by Dutch cleantech specialist Asperitas and cryptomining technology experts from Germany.

Client Asperitas
Date October 2018
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About the project
Creating a new icon for this innovative company called ‘Beehive’ is not as easy as it seems. Do some Google search for ‘beehive logo’ and you will find an endless scroll based on the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb. I was wondering if I could come up with something original on this theme.

I started designing letter C combinations because of all the hints starting with the letter C: clean tech, cooling, cryptomining, crypto currency. After multiple proposals it hit me at night. I was thinking about my own star sign, Cancer, the Crab. I recognised the link immediately. Besides the two letters C there’s something much more interesting: on a dark night (from september until april), look for the open cluster of stars in the constellation Cancer as a smudge of light, with about 3 times the moon’s diameter. This surprising cluster is called ‘The Beehive’ as known since ancient times. Everything felt together.

With some imagination, in my logo design for Beehive one can distinguish:
– 2 C’s (facing each other) of ‘Crypto currency’ and ‘Cooling’, the combination of the 2 joining partners;
– 2 C’s of the ‘Crab of Cancer’, the constellation where the Beehive cluster resides;
– the shape of the Cancer constellation, with in the heart the Beehive depicted as a black box, the visual appearance of this cryptomining facility.

The cooling watery Moon is the ruler of the Cancer constellation. Did you know all words having to do with ‘money’ refer to water? Think of money (moon-ey), liquidity, (river) bank, frozen (assets), (cash) flow, (spend money like) water, etc. Take a look at the word ‘crypto currency’… currency = current sea, the domain of the Crab again. You don’t have to understand astrology. It just is.

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