29 October 2015

Apple logo

Steve Jobs is inextricably linked to the apple.

Apple computer founder Steve Jobs named the firm for his favorite fruit.

They say. After high school, he worked in an apple orchard and later he would spend weeks at a time eating only one thing, like apples. On the other hand people proclaim the ‘Apple’ refers to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 2:17), so the logo would symbolize lust and knowledge. And yes, a ‘bite’ from an apple sounds like a computer ‘byte’.

One way or another, I discovered Steve Jobs is inextricably linked to the apple. He just could not help but choose an apple for his company name and logo. Why? Because it’s all in his name: ‘Steve Jobs’ is an anagram of ‘St. Eve’s Job’. The first bite in the Apple, it was the work which made the biblical Eve famous. She is the symbol of the seductive Woman (= attraction, magnetism), which Apple uses to marry off it’s products to Mankind.


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