9 July 2017

Food & Drinks

Discover the symbolism of brands we recognize from the cafeteria, supermarket or at the service station.

In this article I discuss the underlying symbolism of brands we recognize from the cafeteria, supermarket or at the service station. Logo designs and names of McDonald’s, Mars, Twix, Sisi, Pepsi, Starbucks and Domino’s seem simple at first glance. But behind many doors closed seems to be a world of science and knowledge.

The summer solstice of 21 June is a great opportunity to shine a light on some well-known logo designs. The top swing of the pulse movement, created by the motion of sun around the equator throughout the year, we call ‘summer solstice’. In physics, this perpetual energy pulse is characterized by dielectric (neutral), male electricity (plus) and female magnetism (minus). Either way, a ‘Holy Trinity’. What else gives man – except the sun – energy? Mostly events that convert a switch in your mind, to which you react positively or negatively. You act with your physical vehicle, the human body (Matter). But the body itself also needs energy, which you get by taking in food (fire) and drinks (water).

Just the logo is energy

In my previous articles it became clear that the sun plays a prominent role in many logo designs. Is it all about the (male) sun, is the question. No. As a natural counterpart, we have the (female) moon and those two forces, just like other celestial bodies, will be reviewed below. That some Food & Drink brands thinks it’s interesting or necessary to hide other esoteric science in their logo or brand name, will not be a big surprise.

Let’s start with an energy bar to get charged. There is quite a choice. The ingredients differ by brand but the energy value is always high. The image below shows how brands increase their energy value by linking them to strong positions in of the sun in the zodiacal wheel.


Mars uses the name of the planet (rather; ‘wandering star’) Mars. The Roman god ‘Mars’ or the Greek god ‘Ares’, who represents this star, is associated with action and competition/war. The colors are also carefully chosen; red is the color of the red wandering star itself, and black is the color of Saturn, ruler of Capricorn (Mars exalts in Capricorn).


Twix is the constellation of Gemini, the twins. The astrological symbol for Gemini is two parallel (pair of El) connected vertical bars. Symbol of duality in unity. You can also read it s as 11; El-even, El at even (male/female, plus/minus, etc.).


In the Netherlands the name is Bros, in other countries Aero. Just like Twix refers ‘Bros’ to the two ‘bro’s’ (brothers) Castor en Pollux of the constellation of Gemini. And does the name ‘Aero’ refer to the air bubbles that characterize this bar? Perhaps. Note that in astrology each constellation has properties of a particular element; Fire, Earth, Air or Water. It will be no surprise that Gemini is an Air sign!


The best position for the sun. These are the characters Samson, Achilles and Herculus on the throne of the Lion King (the sun is ruler of this Leo constellation). In the afternoon between 14:00 and 16:00,in the summer in August, the human heart; the times/places where the energy peaks high.


Isostar is a compound word. ‘Iso’ is Latin for ‘equivalent’. And that in combination with a ‘star’. Eat such a bar before any performance and you feel immediately like a star.

Milky Way

The Milky Way is the magnificent star belt that runs from one side of the night sky (Twins) to the other side (Sagittarius). The Milky Way (As Above) is the counterpart of the milky sugar ‘galactose’ contained in our brain tissue (So Below). And don’t worry, you’ll get energy from this.


To find out the deeper meaning of this bar, we have to break it into pieces; Bal-is-two. Speak it out loud: “Bael-is-two” (Bael-is-2)? ‘Baal’ was a god in ancient Canaan and this name simply meant ‘Lord’. In history, comparisons are made with Seth, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, etc. This reign doesn’t get rid of his negative image. Logical, because it is nothing but the (dark) side of the same gold medal (personalization of the sun). Baal, Bell, El, Bull and whatever name you give him, the devine power consists of two forces; a positive and negative that joined together give you energy. The bull, the zodiac sign Taurus, is not without any reason the second zodiac sign, and this Second House stands in astrology for having and doubling. The circle goes round and round.

Time for a drink. I have discussed Red Bull before, but also the apparently innocent names of other drinks refer to business Above of Below.


Flip the name ‘ Sisi’ and you get ‘Isis’. This name has given a rather negative association in recent years, but its origin is particularly positive. Isis is the feminine half of the cosmic energy and has been worshiped as the mother/moon goddess since mankind. She symbolizes – excuse me – is the personified fertility and therefore suits a fruit drink! But you must recognize/honour her when she shows up.

Pepsi Cola

The old Pepsi Cola logo consisted of a circle divided into two equal shapes (red above and blue below). The white partition, of course, makes a pulse movement, a sine wave of energy. In my opinion, the new logo iss out of balance, despite of the presence of the Golden ratio.


Hero is a Dutch brand of fruit flavoured soft drinks. The name ‘Hero’ is derived from the first two letters of the names of both partners Henckell and Roth and was launched in 1910 (source: A beautiful name for a drink, especially given the symbolic meaning in English. Did you know that this word is derived from the ancient Egyptian air god ‘Heru’? Heru or Horus was pictured as a falcon with a sun disc above his head. Indeed, this ‘halo’ (from the Greek name ‘Helios’) is by accident also visible in Hero’s logo. Other words derived from Heru/Horus: ‘hour’ (where is the sun in the sky, where is Horus?), ‘Horizon’ (Horus’ zone) and ‘horoscope’ (visualization of the solar position at a certain time).


In the beginning, 7Up contained seven main components, including the anti-depressant ‘lithium citrate’ which has atomic mass 7. In addition, the drink was bottled in 7 ounces bottles. It’s not a coincidence that we can observe exactly seven wandering stars along the night sky (7 Above/Up), associated with the seven chakras in our body (7 Below). According to old traditions, secret doctrines and religions, we are meant to work all seven up until enlightment/awakening is achieved.

Lay’s, Rivella en Lipton

(Just a quick salty snack) Lay’s is a potato chips brand, but like Rivella and Lipton, we see a simple logo that can only radiate by using the sun.


A beer brand with a twice a crown; the name and an image. The word ‘corona’/’crown’ comes from the Greek god ‘Chronos’: Saturn who is Master of Time.
So far energy bars and beverages. Below three logos of fast food chains. A male, a female and of course a combination of those two!


Let me start with the name of the friendly mascot that you meet at the door; Ronald McDonald. ‘Ron’ means ‘song, fun’ in Hebrew. The old English ‘ald’ comes from ‘weald’ and means ‘power’. In Scottish even ‘powerful leader’. ‘Mc’ is an abbreviation of the Gallic ‘Mac’, which means ‘son’ (= sun). ‘Don’ means ‘world’. Hence, the complete name ‘Ronald McDonald’ gives us ‘Pleasant Leader, Son/Sun of the World. A beautiful name, but of course I’m not objective in this.

And then the meaning of the brand mark. The Golden Arcs once flanked the founders’ restaurant and evolved over time into a symbol known to all corners of the Earth. In the illustration below you can see that this symbol has not just fallen from the sky. Or did it? The first symbol of the zodiac is Aries, the Ram. It’s the initiator, the first one, the leader, the head. Do you notice the astrological symbol for the Ram? McDonald’s stretched the ends of the M and made sure that you associate this symbol with their Big Mac (Big Son/Sun). While this symbol is literally in your head since birth; it’s ‘Amon’s horn’, also called the ‘hippocampus’. This is an important part of the human brain, which according to the secret doctrines, plays a role in contacting the divine in us and in getting paranormal experiences. And not to mention, for storing memory! That’s the reason why your computer has a RAM memory; the words ‘Random Access Memory’ (RAM) are not randomly selected!

Mars is the ruler of the constellation Aries, and his red color is reflected in the McDonald’s logo. The gold of the arches is derived from the ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’ myth, or the name of the Aries/Bull zone in the zodiac. This was formerly known as the ‘Fields of Gold’, or the ‘Elysian Fields’ (Champs-Élysées). The constellation of Orion (Or = gold in French) is right in that part in the sky (Above) and you’ll find ‘The Golden Pot’ (= enlightment, awakening) at the end of the rainbow (at the end of the colors of the seven chakras in your body, below).

Finally, the letter M is the 13th letter of our alphabet. Rotate your head counterclockwise and you’ll see the number. Starting at Ram counting clockwise, then making a complete circle, Ram will be the 13th sign next time. Unlucky? No way, 13 stands for rebirth and resurrection and therefore we celebrate Easter at the end of Ram/March. The Light has overcome the Darkness and will always continue to do so. The fact that McDonald’s wants to expose that they are world leading is obvious by now.


Around 1971 for Starbucks, the two-tailed mermaid’s image appeared on a coffee bean package. To seduce coffee lovers, of course. The 16th century engraving of the ‘Goddess of the Sea’ was found in an old seaman’s book. But what does this image really represent, because we recognize her under 1001 different names in ancient cultures and religions from all over the world?

It is the depiction of your Divine Self. You are in the midst of the duality in this life. You are that unity of opposites which has all the potential in you. It’s up to you to decide which energy you ignite. ‘Take the Middle Path’ proclaims Buddhism. As a cord dancer you slide (or run?) across that middle way, balancing between (rational) and (emotional) concepts. Starbucks has hidden that trinity subtly by making a triangle/pyramid of three pentagrams (five-stars). In the tarot card deck, the ‘3 Pentacles/Coins’ has a very positive meaning; professional ambition, recognition and achievement of success. In addition, the five-star itself is the symbol of the seductive Venus, and the oxidized color green of its element copper makes the Starbucks logo complete.

Almost complete, because I still have to mention the name “Starbucks”. Star-bucks: Star-money. ‘Bucks’ are US Dollars. ‘Time is money’ literally means what ‘lasts’ for some time, which is ‘valid’ (has a certain ‘duration of validity’) has value. Therefore, something is ‘expensive’, it has a certain ‘time value’. In ancient times, money was expressed in silver pieces, and ‘time’ in arc degrees of the zodiac. Silver is associated with the moon, and one of her many names is … Isis again. Now pull the elements of the US Dollar symbol apart. All words associated with money come from the moon’s water world (feminine/magnetic). That’s what makes Starbucks so attractive to many!

Domino’s Pizza

The pizzas are tasty but to call them divine? ‘Dominus’ is Latin for ‘Lord, Leader, God.’ As a logo, this pizza restaurant chain uses a domino. The one who first gets rid of his dominoes is the Lord/Winner. And also here we see the characteristics of energy reflected; red and blue, the male and female colors. One dot represents ‘Odd/Adam/On’, the two dots represent ‘Even/Eve/Off’. When we release English gematria on the word ‘pizza’ (3 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 1) we get the number 11 again. Eleven, El at even, the devine balance of the opposites of energy.

Some logos seem simple at first glance. But behind many doors closed seems to be a world of science and knowledge. Watch carefully in the shelves of the cafeteria, supermarket or gas station, because the keys are there to pick up.

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