19 September 2016

Max Verstappen

Symbolism around Max and the logos of Red Bull, Nike and Infiniti

The Dutch Formula 1 racing talent Max Verstappen recently presented his new logo design on his website. As a graphic designer, I am always interested in new logo designs, but this occassion was a good moment to dive a little deeper on the subject ‘Max Verstappen’. His world is really saturated with logos and symbols and in this article I will show you what is hidden behind the fast-paced world around him.

ronaldbos-blog-max1Red Bull: the holy cow

The famous brand Red Bull was developed by Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz. During his stay in Thailand in 1982, he discovered that the ‘Krating Daeng’ drink had an invigorating effect against his jet lag. Krating Daeng owes its name to a large bovine which occurs in Southeast Asia, and the inventor (Chaleo Yoovidhya) found that his logo of two red bulls visualizes strength and doggedness. The yellow sun behind the two bulls symbolizes energy.

But why the name Red Bull? We all know a red bull’s eye: the red giant star Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri) in the eye of the constellation Taurus, the heart of a dartboard or, for example, the Target logo (entirely constructed according Fibonacci ratios incidentally). And, as you know by now, the color red stands for male and activity opposed to the feminine and passive blue.


Two bulls

But have you ever noticed that two bulls are depicted in the Red Bull logo? This may sound strange, but there is only one mentioned in the name. One bull is two bulls? What’s the meaning of all of this? To understand this more easily, we must check the etymology. Herein, things phonetically may come clear. ‘Phonetic’ (= relating to the speech sounds) comes from the old ‘Phoenicians’ and this nation is largely responsible for the development of the English language.

So we see two bulls. Another word/preposition for ‘two’ is ‘bi’. Think of the word ‘binary’ (ones and zeros). We get ‘bi-bulls’. The bull here is ‘El/Al’, considering the development of Egyptian hieroglyphs to the Hebrew scriptures. The bull icon was flipped 180° and developed into ‘Aleph’ (Al-eph), the first letter of the alfabet (alpha-beta).

Cattle in religion

The meaning of ‘Aleph’ is ‘Only’, ‘First’, ‘Unit’ or ‘God’. This is why we see so many cattle in religion; ancient Egyptians knew ‘Hathor’ (the goddess with the red disk between her horns) and ‘Apis’ the bull (with the same depiction). Ancient Persia had ‘Mithra’ who cut through the neck of the bull, ‘Mithras’ of the Romans performed the same and the red bull’s blood flowed. In Hinduism, we often see the god Shiva displayed with a white bull (‘Nhandi’), hence the worship of the ‘sacred cow’ in the streets of these countries. In the Netherlands, the ‘holy cow’ has a completely different character: it’s synonym of ‘car’.

Furthermore, Christianity knows the story of Moses’ brother Aaron to make a golden calf, because the people had to have a god. The Dutch film world has the Golden Calf award. And in Spain, where Max won his first Grand Prix victory, bulls have been ‘honored’ … with bullfights.

ronaldbos-blog-max4El is divine ‘du-AL-ity’

‘Bull’ and ‘El/Al’ seem interchangeable. This is reflected in words such as ‘parallel’ (pair of El – pair of bulls), ‘paradox’ (pair of ox – pair of bulls) and ‘parable’ (pair or El). And what do you think of the Bible (bi bulls); the Old and New Testaments. It is about the balance (bull-ans) of the two … Write down two vertical bars (two l’s) and you will see the Roman ‘2’symbol. Or you can read it as 11. In Dutch we pronounce this number as “Elf” (which incidentally is a famous motor oil brand in the racing world, just think of Renault Elf). In English we say “eleven”. El-even: the divine oneness of duality in nature, the union of the two polarities in the ‘Bi-cycle of Life’ (Spring/Summer opposite Fall/Winter, Love versus Hate, Good versus Evil, Man versus Woman, Sun opposite Moon, Action opposite Rest, Red versus Blue, etc.). Also remember El-ectricity (plus versus minus). The Red Bull brand has shown us very subtle – but clearly – above knowledge of the two opposites united, using two bulls and the colors red and blue. And as a finishing touch a sun/son in the background, what is the result of sexual intercourse between man and woman.


Speaking of sexuality: take a look at the shape of the female genitalia. The skull and horns of the bull appear strikingly similar to the female uterus (= U-Taurus, the constellation of the bull) with attached ovaries (= ov-Aries, the constellation Aries). Apparently, the male bull is a symbol for the female (creative) body forces. The male/female combination is also reflected in the old logo of Dodge Ram; the Ram in a silhouette of the Bull. It is not strange that Taurus is managed by “wandering star” Venus, the goddess of fertility. We should worship her. A expression like ‘feeling horny’ must be properly respectful, not be loaded with lust and aggression. You can also make connections themselves. Dutch phrases like ‘bleeding like a bull’ (= bleeding like a pig) refer not only to the bullfights in Spain, but also to the female menstrual cycle; symbol of fertility.

Making more connections

The following figure shows the connection between words like ‘Taurus’, ‘Torus’ (= a three-dimensional body of rotation, like a donut), ‘Torso’ and ‘Rota’ (= wheel). And the word ‘Apis’, the Egypische bull, what led to ‘apple’ which has a toroidal shape. And what about red blood cells: they have a toroidal shape. Atoms appear also in the form of an 8: a positively charged circle above a negatively charged circle with a neutral core. Atom = Atum (Egyptian god). A torso also has 8 or torus shape, basically a bit like the hourglass. The hourglass gives us (limited) time, and is therefore a symbol of the Greek god Chronos; Saturn who keeps us trapped in Time and Space (matter). Everybody knows the expression ‘Time flies’. But few know Chronos was often depicted with wings.


Who gives you wings?

‘Red Bull gives you wings’. We saw ‘Aleph’ (El/Al) refers to the bull. The letter A refers also to the Platonic element Air. If you want to fly, you need wings. Max is surrounded by Red Bull, so he will certainly fly over the racing circuits. His shoes, by contrast, are sponsored by Puma. Maybe that can change to Nike after reading the following? ‘Nike’ was the Greek goddess of Victory. She was called ‘Victoria’ by the Romans. Both names are nothing but personifications of the flying Sun who overcomes every Day of the Night. Or of Saturn, the winged ruler of the air sign Aquarius. When you pull a Nike shoe to your foot, you see what you are doing; the two logos of Nike are a pair of wings that you bind you to your feet. So Nike gives you also wings, and therefore American basketball icon Micha-el ‘Air’ Jordan was pushed forward as the figurehead of the red ‘Chicago Bulls’. They have put the ‘winged sun disc’ shamelessly on his Air Max shoe. Just do it!

ronaldbos-blog-max7The finish line

The driver who comes first over the line at the end of the race, will see the finish flag. Of course, this white/black checkered flag refers to the checkerboard. Red Bull uses silver and blue colored shapes to represent the same concept. As I wrote in my article on car brand logos, we see the checkerboard many times in Freemasonry. The white/black tiled floor stands for the (happy and less happy) choices you make in life. It all goes back to the harmony and balance of the two polarities (the Freemasons named the two pillars ‘Jachin’ and ‘Boaz’). Through yoga exercises and meditation man is capable of sending energy (Prana) to the base of the spine through the male and female nerve channels (Pingala and Ida). The combination of these opposing energies come together in the Shakti Kundalini serpent that activates the seven chakras along the spinal column and eventually by the pineal and pituatary glands the optic thalamus in the middle of two opposing halves of the brain. When you have managed to balance rational thought with emotional intuition, you are finished; you have reached enlightenment.


As a little boy, Max already drove around with the number 33. Last year fate determined that Max drove around with that same number on his car for the Torro Rosso team. Obviously 33 also ended up in Max’s Twitter name: Max33Verstappen. The number 33 is very important and has a deep esoteric meaning and we see it reflected in religions: King David reigned 33 years in Jerusalem. The Jewish/Hebrew ‘Tree of Life’ (Kabballah) has 33 appearances. The first temple of Solomon stood 33 years. Jesus performed 33 miracles and died at the age of 33 in the year 33 AD. The holy name Elohim is 33 times in the creation story of Genesis. The Vedic religion has 33 gods. Muslims have a rosary of 33 beads (a ‘tasbih’) with which they pronounce 3 x 33 prayers. In addition, the number 33 represents three (angles) three (angles); the two triangles melting (the Star of David) and thus sexual (= six-ual) generating creative energy. Water boils at 33° Fahrenheit. Many major cities are located around the 33rd parallel and perhaps you have heard of the highest degree in the Scottish Rite Freemasonry: 33. I will explain why this number fits winners, because it’s all be traced back to ‘As Above, So Below; Ah Below, So Above’. The Hermetic philosophy, known as the ‘Perennial Philosophy’ (Eternal Philosophy).


Stairway to heaven

As Above: in astrology, the sun sits in a new constellation, only as it appears on the 33rd degree. Although the sun enters at 30 degrees, he is still not fully apparent until the 33rd degree. The number 33 is associated with the Son/Sun of God who travels across the sky and presents itself in a different constellation the year round. So Below: we find 33 back into the revolutions of a DNA strand, and there are 33 vertebrae in the spinal column. In ancient Kundalini yoga is told about the Kundalini serpent, swirling up along the seven chakras to provide spiritual enlightenment. This is the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ (Led Zeppelin) and ‘The Long and Winding Road’ (The Beatles).

‘Many people regard Kundalini as a new age fad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kundalini can be considered the oldest known science. ‘In previous ages, people raised Kundalini under the guidance of teachers and in controlled circumstances, preserving what they learned as an esoteric knowledge. But we have entered a period of time in which the esoteric becomes exoteric.’ (from: ‘Kundalini and the Chakras’ by Genevieve Lewis Paulson). Moreover, at the top of the spine the ‘Little Brains’ are located, they are called in Latin ‘Cerebellum’. Do you see the word ‘bull’ again? These brains play an important role in the locomotion, and in the spatial memory of the human body. Even though he’s cramped in a bucket seat, the fine tuning of Max’s locomotion seems fine to me.


Finally, I have some figures for you. I use ‘English gematria’, a method that convert words into numbers and numbers into order to discover hidden connections between different concepts. You see the cipher above. If we start with Max’s name, we get the number 5. This is shown clearly in Max’s new logo design, where the Roman ‘V’ prominently pops out. This is also the ‘V’ of his family name Verstappen. Besides, the ‘V’ has the value of 5. Both ‘Max’ and ‘Verstappen’ result in 5. 5 + 5 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1. Could it be that Max is the new number 1 in Formula 1?


In 2015 ‘Toro Rosso’ took care of the number ’33’ for Max. It’s no coincidence: both ‘Torro’ and ‘Rosso’ give us two 3’s: 33. ‘Red Bull’ on the other hand gives 8. The 8 is the torso/torus shape, which represents the infinity symbol on its side: the symbol of infinity. Let car brand Infiniti (by Nissan) inextricably be linked to the Red Bull team since 2011.

*** UPDATE 26 FEBRUARI 2017 ***
Sunday February 26 Red Bull presented the brand new racing bolide of Max. At ‘exact’ 13:13 hrs the first images were released, and herewith pointed Red Bull to the racing number 13 and so the name for this car: RB13. A quick look at the gematria cipher shows: R=5 + B=2 + 1 + 3 = 11. Again El-even.

El-even (11) with a 90° rotation is also reflected in the logo of software company Exact. The devine duality (EL) in complete balancee (at EVEN), depicted by the = (math glyph). It really all comes together!

You see; Max is ‘omnipotent’ to become a real champion. And that some brands do business with each other, is no coincidence. Consciously or unconsciously, they are attracted like magnets to each other or put together by insiders (the El-ite). Is this all ‘bullsh*t’? I don’t think so. By putting logos side by side, you can make connections and deep hidden knowledge will show up. Sometimes you have to look twice to see it, but if you know where to look, you will never forget.

Special thanks to:
Santos Bonacci
Bill Donahue

Marty Leeds