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Logos have something that attracts and connects people – regardless of their background. Ronald Bos (logo designer) connects sometimes conflicting subjects, resulting in an inspiring presentation that is an eye-opener for many!

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I have put together an inspiring presentation in which well-known logo designs are given a surprising meaning in a setting of everyday events. I go far back to the origin and meaning of form that, wrapped in symbols, is rubbed under your nose everywhere.

During this presentation I teach you to recognize the underlying messages of visual language. As a result, you wil start to ‘read’ a logo or (brand) image in a completely different way. Ordinary everyday symbols will get a completely new meaning. I will show what you normally do not see. This presentation is an asset for anyone who wants to see the forest for the trees in the world of media, or for the unprepared listener who suddenly gains knowledge of what he or she did not know existed!

More than interesting for:

Marketing and media events

Every year countless congresses, seminars, business days and product launches are organized. Are you organizing such an event soon and are you looking for an original guest speaker? Whether it’s the food, automotive, retail, healthcare, sports, construction or media industries, I always find plenty of starting points to tell visitors a fascinating, inspiring and educational story. Even when it comes to their own brand logo, I often have something surprising to report to marketers.

School students

As a designer, designing logos on a daily basis, I look at things differently. Which themes do I see repeated time and time again and what do the senders want to make clear (consciously or unconsciously)? My presentation is a wonderful addition to any package of subjects (upper and lower grades) and fits well with a lesson in Social Studies, Art, English, History or Biology. Totally fascinating for students who are skilled to be ‘designers’!

Companies and agencies

Do you want your company employees to look at design in a different way? Certainly if this field is part of the every day work, such as at an advertising, design or architectural agency, the information from my presentation can be very useful.

Clubs, lodges and associations

For scientific circles, Rotary clubs, lodges, (trade) associations, reading clubs, discussion groups, yoga studios, spiritual and religious centers, this presentation is very attractive, because many are already fairly familiar with the subjects I deal with. The only thing I do, is tie loose ends together. Or bring down old buildings.

From now on you too look at things differently:

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Yes, I’m interested!