Graphic designer
Ronald Bos is 7 Men.

I offer design services of the highest quality for the best value for money. I’m based in the Amsterdam area, The Netherlands.

7 Men is Ronald Bos. After ten years of being an art director at advertising agencies, I started 7 Men in 2007. I form the visual foundation for brands, private labels, businesses and organisations by designing logos, corporate identities, websites and any odd or end necessary. I work with people all over Europe in organisations of every size. Brand managers or other decision makers who want to give real substance to their brand/product identity design, are more than welcome.
However, my greatest passion is Eastern and Western esoterism. Subjects as astronomy, astrology, theology, philosophy, geometry, physiology, physics, ethymology, kabbalah, biology, mythology, gematria, etc. have my biggest interest and I can talk for hours about it.  I dream about giving presentations and (guest) lectures fulltime. So if you are interested in an exiting presentation, please contact me. I think everyone should be aware of this knowledge, especially those who deal with design and creation every day.

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